Monday, August 18, 2008

D @ Streetstyle

Berätta om din outfit, vad har du på dig? 
- Jag har på mig ett par vanliga Scholltofflor, ett par chinos från Beyond Retro, en gammal retro Gucci t-shirt, glasögon från Jeffery Banks, Louis Vuitton-smycke och en hatt från Henry Cranford, morfars gamla, och en gammal Samsoniteväska från New York. 
Vad ska man satsa på till hösten tycker du? 
- Jag tror på mycket storstickat. Jag tror även att chinosen kommer stanna kvar i höst.

He looks stunning right?!


Ace Hood Feat. Trey Sogz - Ride

I hade to take it there...I keeps it jiggy all day everyday....haha...
Radiohead is so fag....faggedi fag fag fag fag......


Feeling self destructive?

Since its raining and getting colder... and since I am a pretentious little prick I thought I would tell you about a book worth reading. I read this strange trilogy by Paul Auster a couple of years ago and have never been more confused, in a good way. Today I got an urge to read it again and I invite you to join me, in your own home with your own copy of course. 
The book is divided into three stories, hence trilogy, and every story deals in different ways with self-destructiveness.  
Paul Auster - The New York Trilogy, in a bookstore near you.


Khia ft. kool keith- my neck, my back (dj weekend’s discocrack remix)

This song Never gets old haha....This time we got a little DiscoCrack-vibe on in
Feel free to nodd your head.....
Download HERE


Happy 50th

One of musics biggest stars of all time Madonna turned 50 the other day. Still producing top list music, does she ever get tired? She has even managed to release some decent tracks allthough it was a while ago, thank god for remixes. Now if she could just stop buying babies I would be a happy camper.


For some reason this Monday turned into some weird "sad song session" at work. Just because one of us has a girlfriend and became all sensitive I decided to collect a couple of tear drops for you. Dry eyes are not good!



Here's a tune to beat up your boring monday!
Blipp, blipp, blopp, blopp..!


Solange - Sandcastle Disco

Okey, there is a new, younger Beyonce ..... I call shotgun!




Heaven On Their Minds

Jesus was a dude who told other dudes what to think and do. Surprisingly enought he stills tells a couple of billion people what to think and do 2000 years after his death. Together with his father he rules the world from the kingdom in the sky. 

Anyway I usualy don't like musicals that much but this track is still a favourite. This is some serious singing fo yo as.