Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Boss of the Byss !

I wanna make a tribute to the worlds greatest TV-Chef ! Fuck Tina, Fuck the-licens-to-grill-dude and FUCK Martha. Per Morberg is the greatest of them all. Riche, Cafe Opera and Hamlet Bannmister Wharf Newport Rhode Island USA is a couple of spots he used to work at before he took his acting to a higher level.
We @ JFK wanna se this man kill a animal in the woods drag it in to his 17-room house in the archipelago of Trosa, peel the skin of that bitch and cook it in his dream-kitchen everyday.....He onced said that that he ”knullar maten”....thats swedish for Fucking the food....Please TV4....make an episode everyday for the rest of our life. Watch this genius cook here :

Per Morberg we Salute YOU !



No words needed!


To be innovative

I read an interesting thing today. You can call it a myth or an urban legend. Starring our favourite musician and drunk Ulf Lundell. According to the story Ulf were sitting in the back of a bus drunk as fuck, broken and probably singing to himself. Everyone on the bus keeps looking at him like some kind of zoo-animal. 
After a while he looks back at them and says (with a drunken, dark voice known in swedish as "whiskeyröst")
"In the past two years i've released two books of poetry, three short stories, four albums and painted sixteen paintings. What the fuck have you been doing?"

Talk about being innovative eh?