Thursday, September 4, 2008

This is when I knew how to...

Since I'm having some sort of egoism publishing hubris why not post a video from that time I actually knew how to do it.


I use to know how to...

Party people. Here's a little compilation of me during a skateboard festival in one of the worlds largest and most famous cities in the world; Trollhättan! For thirteen years I knew how to do it and did it on (sort of) a professional level. Check out my professional level now bitch.


Dan to the mutherfucking .......

You know how we role !!!


You so crazy

Hey dude, you know what would be really funny, if you would like, just go to the Idol audition and just, you know sing, but sing badly and like dress up in an overall, and maybe a cowboy hat, and just dance around, like totally ironic. 
Ha ha yeah dude, that would be so fucking funny, I am the craziest person I know, and I'm gonna get tons of chicks after this man.
Awesome dude!
Totally man!


I wanna!

Call me "Bosse", call me "räääguuur" but this car is freaking amazing! Not in a "oooh look at those rims, look at that engine, that car's stereo system is the shit" kinda way. More of a cult and style reason. I'd cruise in that one with a "red, with white dots" scarf chick! Any day!

Gotta cut the roof of then though. Dammit!

But it's sweeeeeeeeet!!!