Monday, September 29, 2008

The Greatest!

The funniest man since Richards Pryor.....


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Land of the free

Yeah right..


Be cool stay in school

I'm back!


The Plurr of the week !

"This was something new"


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lars Laser - Grasshopper (Gotgatan AM Remix)

For you who's interested in some Stockholm style Drum 'n Base.
/Lars Laser

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

From the A to the C2

I dont know how many times we played this song the late summer of 05 !
Did u count it O ??


Mind your manners

Lesson 1; At the bar:

If the bar is to crowded and you can't get to it and therefore are unable to order, contrary to common belief the best way to approach it is not to elbow the closest person in front of you. A better way is to look for a different spot or perhaps wait a while. I guarantee you if you wait a minute a spot will open up without imposing any bruises on your fellow bar visitors. Happy bar hopping!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Matt Damon paints a horrifying picture




Ninja Kidz

Not enough dancin at the JFK! Watch the hole clip....I have no words....


With this party trick you'll get all the women!


Sunday, September 21, 2008


Wu tang clan!!!

I use to know everything about hip hop in the late 90's. Which to me actually was one of the best eras of hippa to das hoppa! Anyways, I found this awesome remix and I felt that HAD to post it. Hopefully E will go nuts over this tune. And all you other hoppers out there.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Poppin them thangs

Every hood we go through
All the gangstas around know my whole crew (Nigga what)
We hold it down like we supposed to 
Nigga you can front if you want, we be poppin them thangs


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This is not really our cup of tea.....but it is mine...I looove this, but the song is not the point this time, because I watch this whitout sound and it was stil sexy....That we do like @ JFK....We like sexy.....Enjoy....

and Cassie is not even in it.......(so dont mind the pissed of girl...)


I'd fuck to this!

Division Kent - Shes Going Places (Shane Fontane Remix)


Monday, September 15, 2008

Between life and death

According to greek mythology Styx is an underground river that works like a border between the current life and the kingdom of death.
It tells a story about Charon. The ferryman who transported the dead over the river Styx to finally deliver them to Hades. What you would do is that you would place a coin (an Obol) under the dead mans tounge which later would be used as payment. Without a coin you would have to spend an eternity between life and death. Neither living nor dead. But some (both Romans and Greeks) reject this theory like Dante for example. You know the Italian writer who describes his journey through hell and the purgatory in La Divina Commedia or The Divine Comedy. They are simply suggesting that Charon didn't bring the dead across the river Styx but over the river Acheron instead. Like other rivers Styx had a goddess or a nymph if you will named after it. She was married to the titan Pallas and together they had a dotter, the goddess of victory Nike.

Nice talking to you all..


Positivity Inc.

The tides are turning, the fall is coming and Entourage is a good show again. Saw the last episode today and had a smile on my face the entire episode. They even found room for a good song in the ending credits. Pure Positivity, I'm loving it. 


A night at headquarters...

Sunday, September 14, 2008


When you're young!

Wish I was you E!

Ladytron - Seventeen




Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kanye IS king !

Try to hit you with 'Ouer de Whopee' /
Till I gets flashed by the paparazzis /
Damn, this ni**as got me /
I hate these ni**as more than the nazis /


Slowmotion better than no motion

This song is circulating on blogs again, it's a really nice song, mellow hip hop. But... just so you know... I'm a lot cooler cause I listened to it way before any of you did, during the house-painting days way back when. 
So you know... if anyone want my number, its cool, cause I'm pretty cool. 


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Aren't we all fools for love?

Mmm, that's the good stuff!


Don Rimini - Hools

Don Rimini's "Hools" can put a bullet through anyone on the dancefloor!!!

Also take a minute to listen to his Nervous Breakdown!

And why not Let Me Back Up


He is out to get you all!

Due to my lack of inspiration and the fact that my self critisim has tortured me into feeling like a fat 14 year old girl with suicide thoughts. But instead of writing you something or killing myself I would like to share theese songs that might bring some joy to your otherwise meaningless lifes.

Cut Copy - Lights And Music (Moulinex Remix) (
The Cars - You Might Think
Joy Division - Transmission


Jester Sean

Sean Paul lookin like a retard unable to dress himself at the New York Fashion Week!!



Ajjjj enn aaaj gotta de raaast's fleeete ina di Trollhett offa di ottha skeeter hair! Mii fiiili'n ivrig waan to haff ragga"fuur"aj fleeter ona di heeead... man. Miii getta mooo pun pun daat waay, batoooaaaa..!

Meeeby datt was reeeson for no pun pun wrapped arooond mi anaconda! MAN!


As the proud black men we are......

We think this is funny!


King Kanye

Kanye West lookin FRESH TO DEATH at the New York Fashion Week!!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Separated at birth !! Filthy & Sulo Hype !


Sweetest taboo

On the contrary to what my dear friend wrote I would say that being drunk is not taboo. I would rather argue that people sometimes tend to get jealous when others have more fun than them and therefore makes condescending remarks about them, someone you might label as a “hater”, and nobody captures the essence of haters better than Mr. Katt Williams. “They don’t hate you, they hate good shit, they used to want good shit than good shit didn’t happen to them”. 

But enough about that, taboos is what really got me puzzled, or rather the fact that are almost no taboos left in our society. And I think that’s a pity, part of the fun of getting shit-faced on a funeral, making jokes about Josef Fritzl or just peeing in public is the taboo of doing so. And as more and more taboos disappears things tend to get less and less funny. Stand up comedians has to go to absurd lengths to find new taboos to rant about, joking about dick sucking just doesn’t do the trick anymore. So please, try to preserve some of our precious taboos.


JFK hit the town

jag förlåter dig calle, men du är skyldig mig 10 kr för linnet


The king

Smoking is cooool.....


Monday, September 8, 2008

Big or small......

Every now and then I pause my life to enjoy different small things or thangs....
They really dont my life better in the long run, but it makes it fuckin brilliant for the moment.
I like this about myself, that I can feel like a grizzly bear ate me for dinner, pooped me out just to pee on the vomit.....But still I can to theese small things and feel like a million bucks for a couple of minutes and then mount everyday with a smile or at least a grin.....I live and die for those small things .....So if you see me know why.....


Being drunk - Taboo

I like myself, I really do. Some people might think I don't cuz I drink alot and quite frankly treat my body like crap. Like now for example. I wouldn't feel like ear fucking you guys without a whiskey. Anyway. A friend of mine threw a party last weekend which i attended the shit out of. A little to much for some.
I'd never realized that people can be so easily offended. When did people stop having fun when they are out getting their freak on? Alcohol used to be the secret recipe for ugly, stupid or ordinairy shy people.
Ugly farts could just approach the bar and order 6 cl of pure self esteem making them feel like Johnny Depp. I experienced a group of people sitting in a couch small talking about a random drunk guy "embarrissing" himself. Being drunk is evedently a taboo.

Sorry about your t-shirt Oskar..


Adam Tensta feat. Eboi - Dopeboy

New Fresh vid from Mr Tensta!!! They killin it !!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lily and Elton!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

This is when I knew how to...

Since I'm having some sort of egoism publishing hubris why not post a video from that time I actually knew how to do it.


I use to know how to...

Party people. Here's a little compilation of me during a skateboard festival in one of the worlds largest and most famous cities in the world; Trollhättan! For thirteen years I knew how to do it and did it on (sort of) a professional level. Check out my professional level now bitch.


Dan to the mutherfucking .......

You know how we role !!!


You so crazy

Hey dude, you know what would be really funny, if you would like, just go to the Idol audition and just, you know sing, but sing badly and like dress up in an overall, and maybe a cowboy hat, and just dance around, like totally ironic. 
Ha ha yeah dude, that would be so fucking funny, I am the craziest person I know, and I'm gonna get tons of chicks after this man.
Awesome dude!
Totally man!


I wanna!

Call me "Bosse", call me "räääguuur" but this car is freaking amazing! Not in a "oooh look at those rims, look at that engine, that car's stereo system is the shit" kinda way. More of a cult and style reason. I'd cruise in that one with a "red, with white dots" scarf chick! Any day!

Gotta cut the roof of then though. Dammit!

But it's sweeeeeeeeet!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Foxxxy !

We dont know where, how or why...But we do know that it was FOXY!



JFK settin fire to a tiny tent this summer!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The modern pedophelia of our time.

There is a group of people i really despise. It's the younger middle aged guy in his opinion best years who owns his own and first business. He have probably inheritaded it from his father or started with a friend. It is most likely a café or a shop of some kind. That makes him a local celebrity. And what he does is that he hires young, cute girls who in fact suck at the job they were hired to do but are kind of nice to look at. The girls on the other hand are young, insecure and actually believing that they were hired based on there personality and awesome ability to make a macchiato with soy milk. I hate to burst your bubble but that's a fucking lie. But who can blame them? He invites them to all kinds of staff parties and other funny activities. And it's fun, it's probably their first job so they feel well taken care of and he's "so kind". But he all he actually does is mentally masturbating of a to me fictitious moment were he after closing time fucks the living shit out of them.


Whats the matter with you rock?

When apahty strikes a little bit of Nina Simone is what the doctor prescribes. 


Cry myself a river build a bridge and get over it .......

Well let me do this, just once and then I’m done. I have to write about it I have to vent it. This fucking thing we call love, I don’t want to be bitter and say “Fuck love” or anything because I believe in love and I live on love, I create on love. That’s why since I lost my love I have not produced a single thing. Not one picture, not one painting not even a little text or verse. I'm trying everyday to create and everyday I fail......But I’m starting to feel it bubbling inside me and I feel that there is things I have to create.
But my heart is broken, so I have to learn a new way to create. Allot of people create more when they are unhappy, bitter or heartbroken.....I don’t. I create on love and on happiness.....on the power that my lovely girl gave me.
But now I don’t have any love BUT I haven’t transformed into a bitter Swedish version of Hank Moody…. I’m not drowning in a sea of pointless pussy. Trust me on that one.
I started to get a lot of work again after the summer-coma, I’m trying to create pictures that I already created back in the spring in my head or from my blackbook. That’s always something…….is it not ?

I’m trying to get back, I’m trying hard. I need love but I don’t want new love.
But like a wise man once said (the Moodiest of the Moodys) :
“Life is to short to dance with fat chicks”
How the fuck am I going to get out of this one? Any ideas?


Monday, September 1, 2008

Deep Throat

I saw Claude Vonstroke at "APT" in Meat Packing District (NYC) about a year ago. He is definitely one of my favorite DJ:s out there. This tune is a pretty minimal creation from him but also one of his best if you're asking me. The video is kinda cool too.

Check it.