Monday, September 8, 2008

Big or small......

Every now and then I pause my life to enjoy different small things or thangs....
They really dont my life better in the long run, but it makes it fuckin brilliant for the moment.
I like this about myself, that I can feel like a grizzly bear ate me for dinner, pooped me out just to pee on the vomit.....But still I can to theese small things and feel like a million bucks for a couple of minutes and then mount everyday with a smile or at least a grin.....I live and die for those small things .....So if you see me know why.....


Being drunk - Taboo

I like myself, I really do. Some people might think I don't cuz I drink alot and quite frankly treat my body like crap. Like now for example. I wouldn't feel like ear fucking you guys without a whiskey. Anyway. A friend of mine threw a party last weekend which i attended the shit out of. A little to much for some.
I'd never realized that people can be so easily offended. When did people stop having fun when they are out getting their freak on? Alcohol used to be the secret recipe for ugly, stupid or ordinairy shy people.
Ugly farts could just approach the bar and order 6 cl of pure self esteem making them feel like Johnny Depp. I experienced a group of people sitting in a couch small talking about a random drunk guy "embarrissing" himself. Being drunk is evedently a taboo.

Sorry about your t-shirt Oskar..


Adam Tensta feat. Eboi - Dopeboy

New Fresh vid from Mr Tensta!!! They killin it !!