Sunday, August 31, 2008

If you stare at them, you'll feel better about yourself

I don't watch television that often. Nowadays there's not much that entertains me. I got so pissed of the other day when i woke up with a hangover the size of Madagascar and actually wanted to watch some tv for the first time in decades.
But i came to realize that that they only make shows about fat people and dogs. Swedish channel 5 had a show on a fat chick trying to become a cop and go through all the physical tests. For your information she failed, bigtime! 
On channel 4 there was a show about a bunch of fat people, men and woman, trying to loose more weight than another bunch of fat people. Is the Average Joe really that interested in watching shows on fat people everyday? Cause i'm not! I mean who watch that kind of crap? Except for other fat people who are to lazy to tie their own shoes thinking "Good for her". Or is the viewers petite and only watching it for a good laugh or in fact to cure their own lack of self esteem?
Another tv-trend is shows about dogs and their stupid masters that don't know how to take care of them. Depressed dogs, spoiled dogs and just plain dumb dogs. Haven't we seen this before? I think dog-shows are the new "spoiled-kids-behaving-bad-shows". Let fat people be fat and don't let people that are incapable of taking care of themselfs the responsibility to raise a dog or a kid for that matter.


Riddle me this

As I am completely flushed out regarding any useful thoughts or unimportant drivel to share on this blog I thought I would leave you with something to think about, to exercise that blob under your skull-bone. 

"Hands she has but does not hold, teeth she has but does not bite, feet she has but they are cold, eyes she has but without sight, what is she?"

The first one to crack it gets a lollipop.


The boys !

I just wanna big up my boys!
C, D & O Your the best in the word, my summer was saved by you guys, I felt like crap almost everyday (heartbroken like a little bitch....) but you put a smile on my face everytime we do our got damn thang! Thanks boys and I love you all big time!



Friday, August 29, 2008

God, this subject is big

Death is a gnarly thing. Everything and everyone dies or will die at some point. It doesn't matter if it's person, a feeling or a flower rottening. Im not saying this in a "everything-will-turn-to-shit" kind of way. That's just the way it goes in my opinion. Others might disagree or will disagree. Take the muslims for example. They belive that the present life is a trial in preperation for the next realm of existence. I would like to belive in reincarnation like the muslims or any other person with thoose kind of thoughts towards death. It scared me alot back in the days but not so much anymore. I don't know if that is a positive or negative thing. You choose.
I don't think that there is no need to be walking around thinking about the fact that you could die any second. Even if it's obvious that a brick could fall from a building and hit you right in the forehead causing your brain to shut down. What i do think is that you should respect him though, death. By that i mean not doing stupid stuff that might kill your sorry ass. Like paragliding, russian roulette or knitting.




David Duchovny

Mr David Duchovny aka Hank Moody aka Mulder just signed him self into rehab for Sex addiction... aint that a bitch.....
Good work Moody!!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Great meets greatness

When Elvis met The Beatles in his home in Bel-Air he alegedley got bored and said: "Quite frankly if you guys are going to stare at me all night, I'm going to bed"
Im sorry fellow bloggers....u all suck.....this is a BLOG, we needs to blog the crap out of this the black proud men we grap your computers and type type type!!!
Jodie will hunt you all if u dont!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No they DID NOT ?!?!


Mad men

It's friday afternoon at a marketing department in downtown Stockholm. A group of men have locked themselves in a conference room with one mission. To retake the latest slope in popularity MQ has suffered with the young and trendy i Sweden. 

They all agree MQ need a new spokesperson, a new face. 

-It has to be someone with an impeccable sense of style, someone says. 

-He has to be a role-model for people aged 15-25, says another. 

-Maybe it should be a singer, who is the hottest name in the music industry today? a third man asks. 

Suddenly one of the men rises up from his chair and screams out, call Brolle!!! And everyone starts applauding in unison, their work was done. 

And such a successful campaign it was. 


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Flashing writersblock

You know the flashing marker that steals all your attention when you're trying to write something of value.
Like now for example. Fuck!
Just look at it! Staring back at you full of malicious pleasure.
Sometimes i wonder if it was designed to fuck with peoples minds. I mean what's the flashing for? That's one of the factors which contributes writersblock.
From now on let us all decide to boycott the internet and never ever use computers again. I'm going to buy myself an old fashion typewriter and give all you facebookers the middlefinger.



Mr E in about 30 years ......





A those old fashioned gals...

...sure knew how to make an entrance. 


Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Boss of the Byss !

I wanna make a tribute to the worlds greatest TV-Chef ! Fuck Tina, Fuck the-licens-to-grill-dude and FUCK Martha. Per Morberg is the greatest of them all. Riche, Cafe Opera and Hamlet Bannmister Wharf Newport Rhode Island USA is a couple of spots he used to work at before he took his acting to a higher level.
We @ JFK wanna se this man kill a animal in the woods drag it in to his 17-room house in the archipelago of Trosa, peel the skin of that bitch and cook it in his dream-kitchen everyday.....He onced said that that he ”knullar maten”....thats swedish for Fucking the food....Please TV4....make an episode everyday for the rest of our life. Watch this genius cook here :

Per Morberg we Salute YOU !



No words needed!


To be innovative

I read an interesting thing today. You can call it a myth or an urban legend. Starring our favourite musician and drunk Ulf Lundell. According to the story Ulf were sitting in the back of a bus drunk as fuck, broken and probably singing to himself. Everyone on the bus keeps looking at him like some kind of zoo-animal. 
After a while he looks back at them and says (with a drunken, dark voice known in swedish as "whiskeyröst")
"In the past two years i've released two books of poetry, three short stories, four albums and painted sixteen paintings. What the fuck have you been doing?"

Talk about being innovative eh?


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Work is hell

Sometimes you just have one of thoose days at work where nothing seems to go your way. It is one of thoose day for this journalist in the clip. In an interview with Bob Dylan things doesn't go his way. Life is hard, and Dylan is a genious. 


Prostitutes do not strip!

A really odd thing happend to a friend of mine a couple of months ago as he was feeling lonely, laying on my couch. After a night out without any perticular luck with the ladies
the drunken hornyness came crawling up his spine like a cold chill. 
The thing that started with some innocent mental masturbation and light petting lead him to a crossroad were he had to choose. And so he did.
He did a thing most lonely guys have thought of doing at some time of their life but few actually have gone through with.
Wanda was her name. A hot, platina-blond 22 year old with a perfect body she described herself on her website. The thing with Wanda was that she knew how to charge her costumers. 
1 hour standard sex, 2500:- with an extra analfee of 500:- for example.
My dear friend collected his last money and came up with 1233:- Which made him 1267:- short from getting his freak on. So he asked her kindly if she could come over and give him a little striptease and charge him his 1233:-
But the proposition made by my friend pissed her off. "I'm a whore, no fucking stripper" she said. This is what i don't understand.
That means she consider being stripper more degrading than being  a prostitute, that means she consider taking her clothes of and shaking her bum is more humiliating than charging different guys to sleep with her.
That's when i learned a valuable lession, Prostitutes don't strip!


Friday, August 22, 2008

The simple pleasures in life

All of us should get out more. And not just go out and take a walk but go out and eat dinner. Why do we swedes don't like to leave our houses. I propose a national 'go out to dinner day', just imagine everyone having a day of to be hangover after a nice day at a restaurant. 
Sometime in august, perhaps the 22nd?


ooooh crap...

17 days baby!!!! Around 4 in the torrent....Oh yes!


If I only had more time...

When I was a kid I went to this dans school to learn "boogie woogie" or in swedish; "bugg". Anyways, my mum brought me there to get rid of some of my light ADHD behavior that caused my female teacher's brain tumor. Sort of.

If it wasn't for that girl, in the dance class I fell in love with, that dumped me when I was eight years old, maybe I would've been as good as these fellas in the video above.

Still rocki'n dance floors but not on this lever.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am a child

I was so bored the other day I bought a couple of video games, and after playing them for two night I realized, they are for children. No blood, lots of colors and a funny dialogue... but I love them. 
So am I a child? Should I be embarrassed? Nothing is certain in this world. 


Bad Omen ?!

If you look at beautyful woman in black and white....
The man downstairs is it a sign ?!
I dont know....hmm...better watch that CK-commercial again,
just to be sure....

(p.s I think C has hairy palms..)



As i was enjoying the shit out of my Pollo Alfredo on my lunchbreak i thought of a phenomenon known in swedish as "Gladporr".

Gladporr is a pornographic genre were gentle eroticism meets humour in a delicious combination very popular in the 1970's. I guess you can call it the opposite of hardcore porn. The most notorious moviesof the 70's were Danish, the so called "Signs" movies. They were directed by the late Ole Söltoft who not only wrote them but also got his penis dirty. 
We swedes made a few of our own. Kyrkoherden (the vicar) being one of them. Starring Jarl Borssén and the swedish track and field star Ricky Bruch.



What's He Building?

A friend at work introduced me to Tom Waits the other day during our sad song session and I just cant stop listening to him. I don't know what to say about him really. I'm far from a poet myself but this guy he's fucking genius. HAhaha! In some weird way. He both scares me and inspires me. Woouhuhuuhuuuuu!!!

Just listen to him.


Chromeo - Momma's Boy on FWA Theater

Good song, awesome video, great artist and also a chance for me to promote the video portal made by the company I work for. Fi


Whatta Ozz?

All you Ozzy Osbourne fans out there. And all you electronic drum fans, cow bell fans, guitar fans, electro fans etc, listen to this. Wicked!


Oh Jodie Oh Jodie

Jodie and her "wife" Cydney Bernard called it quits a wile back after 14 years.....and the-non-famous-one can maybee cash in 25 million $ in alimony.....aint that a bitch..
I dont think Jodie will die considering she's worth a 100 000 000$ haha....Dike gots money !!!
Lets all hope Jodie gets to keeps her money.......Go Jodie!

Cover me

Its almost 1.00 am, I really should get to sleep but somehow my mind tells me to stay up. So what kind of music suits a lonely night best? Hmm... Oh I know, Johnny.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

D @ The Fashionist

Again with the Fashion-blogs......MR D of JFK got spotted by The Fashionist .
Lookin smart hey......

Kanye West & T-Pain + Entourage

Okey....They did it AGAIN....."Good Life" is one of the best tracks I've ever heard, and the scene in Entourage when they leave for Cannes (Episode 53 "No cannes do") i got sum MAD goosebumps and it was fuckin magical....and the video to the song is f*ckin magic aswell.
(aaaaaand buy the way...a new Entourage-season is starting 7 of September...thats just a few days away.....I cant f*ckin wait....)

Nuf a dat...This new banger is whit DJ Khaled aka Dj Skjärthead and I'm sorry about that, cuz he is one of the most enoying things in showbizz....But the song is dope as hell....
Download HERE



Do not sleep on POWERBEAT. Our friend Kyaal from KOTU will be rockin it hard.
The city that God forgot about aka Vilda Vässan aka Västertråk's baddest club-night of the year....(exept Solids mad dancehall-set a few weeks back)
Line up :
Lördag den 30 augusti
80 :-
Förköp: Skivbörsen 

Hörde jag skål ???



Remember i posted some new Bloc Party songs a while ago. Well here's the deal. After 18 months they got a new album (Intimacy) coming out, tomorrow actually. Or the digital version will be out tomorrow (which you can order here). You cd-collectors will have to wait for the physical version that will be out on the 27th of October. Pre-order that shit!


01 Ares
02 Mercury
03 Halo
04 Biko
05 Trojan Horse
06 Signs
07 One Month Off
08 Zephyrus
09 Better Than Heaven
10 Ion Square

Here's another single for your ass! Apologies in advance for the bad quality. Myspace-rip.


Had better days, had better days Lois!

Usain Bolt - 19.30

Every once in a while, an athelete comes along that is absolutley outstanding. Usain Bolt is one of those atheletes. New world record on 200m, 19.30. Beating Michael Johnsons old record, a record some people said would stand forever. Some of you might not be sports fans but I don't care, this man is somewhat of a über human. 

Lets celebrate the man and the island with a song...


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dagens outfit

Linne från Old Navy, mysbyxor från H&M och tofflor från Björn Borg. 


Like the old days

As i was finishing my 3-for-10:-Tuborg-beer (which you can purchase on Dagslivs at Fridhemsplan) i came to think of the old swedish saying "Det var bättre förr". Was it really? I mean when is förr? 
The 1950's or 70's maybe? One thing i realized though was that i consider the music made in the old days to be really good, but not better. Or it depends.. Genre and stuff.


Mark Morrison - Return of The Mack

Oh YES! This is one of the best tracks ever made, its a classic and a massive nostalgic-trip.
Crunk up your soundsystem and let this bad boy rip !!!!!!!


The pen is mightier than the gun

Just changed some setting and made it possible for everyone to comment on the posts. Get crackin!


Monday, August 18, 2008

D @ Streetstyle

Berätta om din outfit, vad har du på dig? 
- Jag har på mig ett par vanliga Scholltofflor, ett par chinos från Beyond Retro, en gammal retro Gucci t-shirt, glasögon från Jeffery Banks, Louis Vuitton-smycke och en hatt från Henry Cranford, morfars gamla, och en gammal Samsoniteväska från New York. 
Vad ska man satsa på till hösten tycker du? 
- Jag tror på mycket storstickat. Jag tror även att chinosen kommer stanna kvar i höst.

He looks stunning right?!


Ace Hood Feat. Trey Sogz - Ride

I hade to take it there...I keeps it jiggy all day everyday....haha...
Radiohead is so fag....faggedi fag fag fag fag......


Feeling self destructive?

Since its raining and getting colder... and since I am a pretentious little prick I thought I would tell you about a book worth reading. I read this strange trilogy by Paul Auster a couple of years ago and have never been more confused, in a good way. Today I got an urge to read it again and I invite you to join me, in your own home with your own copy of course. 
The book is divided into three stories, hence trilogy, and every story deals in different ways with self-destructiveness.  
Paul Auster - The New York Trilogy, in a bookstore near you.


Khia ft. kool keith- my neck, my back (dj weekend’s discocrack remix)

This song Never gets old haha....This time we got a little DiscoCrack-vibe on in
Feel free to nodd your head.....
Download HERE


Happy 50th

One of musics biggest stars of all time Madonna turned 50 the other day. Still producing top list music, does she ever get tired? She has even managed to release some decent tracks allthough it was a while ago, thank god for remixes. Now if she could just stop buying babies I would be a happy camper.


For some reason this Monday turned into some weird "sad song session" at work. Just because one of us has a girlfriend and became all sensitive I decided to collect a couple of tear drops for you. Dry eyes are not good!



Here's a tune to beat up your boring monday!
Blipp, blipp, blopp, blopp..!


Solange - Sandcastle Disco

Okey, there is a new, younger Beyonce ..... I call shotgun!




Heaven On Their Minds

Jesus was a dude who told other dudes what to think and do. Surprisingly enought he stills tells a couple of billion people what to think and do 2000 years after his death. Together with his father he rules the world from the kingdom in the sky. 

Anyway I usualy don't like musicals that much but this track is still a favourite. This is some serious singing fo yo as. 


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dont mind if I do.....




Vilda Vässans Elit


Planet Earth

Months ago i stumbled across a couple of Duran Duran hits. I would lie to you if I said I knew alot about Duran Duran but I do know that their sound during the new romiantic wave in England in the early 80s was the shit! At least to me. Now.

Duran Duran - Planet Earth



I have an old friend named Jon Sindenius. All though he is a sick fuck i love him. He was the one who introduced me to a band called Funkadelic a couple of years ago. I found an old album (America Eats Its Young) on my computer the other day and i've been listening like crazy ever since.
1960's psychedelic soul isn't something i usually listen to but theese guys are sick.


Pharrell of Fluo Kids

We are big fans of their infamous blog and i personally have lost count of how many times i've got an erection listening to his live sets.
Enough about me and my dong.

Pharrells Exclusive Live Set:

Style Of Eye - Girls
Bloc Party - Mercury (Herve remix)
A Girl & A Gun - Whomp That Sucka (A1 Bassline remix)
Jesse Rose & Action Man - Take It To The Club
Tiga - Sunglasses At Night (Yuksek & Brodinski remix)
The Ting Tings - That’s Not My Name (Kasper Bjorke remix)
Van She - Talkin’


Saturday, August 16, 2008


Little Pictures - I wish I could Keep you
Little Pictures - This House Can Fit Us All







The Cheese For President!!!


Friday, August 15, 2008