Friday, August 22, 2008

The simple pleasures in life

All of us should get out more. And not just go out and take a walk but go out and eat dinner. Why do we swedes don't like to leave our houses. I propose a national 'go out to dinner day', just imagine everyone having a day of to be hangover after a nice day at a restaurant. 
Sometime in august, perhaps the 22nd?


ooooh crap...

17 days baby!!!! Around 4 in the torrent....Oh yes!


If I only had more time...

When I was a kid I went to this dans school to learn "boogie woogie" or in swedish; "bugg". Anyways, my mum brought me there to get rid of some of my light ADHD behavior that caused my female teacher's brain tumor. Sort of.

If it wasn't for that girl, in the dance class I fell in love with, that dumped me when I was eight years old, maybe I would've been as good as these fellas in the video above.

Still rocki'n dance floors but not on this lever.