Saturday, August 23, 2008

Work is hell

Sometimes you just have one of thoose days at work where nothing seems to go your way. It is one of thoose day for this journalist in the clip. In an interview with Bob Dylan things doesn't go his way. Life is hard, and Dylan is a genious. 


Prostitutes do not strip!

A really odd thing happend to a friend of mine a couple of months ago as he was feeling lonely, laying on my couch. After a night out without any perticular luck with the ladies
the drunken hornyness came crawling up his spine like a cold chill. 
The thing that started with some innocent mental masturbation and light petting lead him to a crossroad were he had to choose. And so he did.
He did a thing most lonely guys have thought of doing at some time of their life but few actually have gone through with.
Wanda was her name. A hot, platina-blond 22 year old with a perfect body she described herself on her website. The thing with Wanda was that she knew how to charge her costumers. 
1 hour standard sex, 2500:- with an extra analfee of 500:- for example.
My dear friend collected his last money and came up with 1233:- Which made him 1267:- short from getting his freak on. So he asked her kindly if she could come over and give him a little striptease and charge him his 1233:-
But the proposition made by my friend pissed her off. "I'm a whore, no fucking stripper" she said. This is what i don't understand.
That means she consider being stripper more degrading than being  a prostitute, that means she consider taking her clothes of and shaking her bum is more humiliating than charging different guys to sleep with her.
That's when i learned a valuable lession, Prostitutes don't strip!