Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dagens outfit

Linne från Old Navy, mysbyxor från H&M och tofflor från Björn Borg. 


Like the old days

As i was finishing my 3-for-10:-Tuborg-beer (which you can purchase on Dagslivs at Fridhemsplan) i came to think of the old swedish saying "Det var bättre förr". Was it really? I mean when is förr? 
The 1950's or 70's maybe? One thing i realized though was that i consider the music made in the old days to be really good, but not better. Or it depends.. Genre and stuff.


Mark Morrison - Return of The Mack

Oh YES! This is one of the best tracks ever made, its a classic and a massive nostalgic-trip.
Crunk up your soundsystem and let this bad boy rip !!!!!!!


The pen is mightier than the gun

Just changed some setting and made it possible for everyone to comment on the posts. Get crackin!