Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Aren't we all fools for love?

Mmm, that's the good stuff!


Don Rimini - Hools

Don Rimini's "Hools" can put a bullet through anyone on the dancefloor!!!

Also take a minute to listen to his Nervous Breakdown!

And why not Let Me Back Up


He is out to get you all!

Due to my lack of inspiration and the fact that my self critisim has tortured me into feeling like a fat 14 year old girl with suicide thoughts. But instead of writing you something or killing myself I would like to share theese songs that might bring some joy to your otherwise meaningless lifes.

Cut Copy - Lights And Music (Moulinex Remix) (
The Cars - You Might Think
Joy Division - Transmission


Jester Sean

Sean Paul lookin like a retard unable to dress himself at the New York Fashion Week!!



Ajjjj enn aaaj gotta de raaast's fleeete ina di Trollhett offa di ottha skeeter hair! Mii fiiili'n ivrig waan to haff ragga"fuur"aj fleeter ona di heeead... man. Miii getta mooo pun pun daat waay, batoooaaaa..!

Meeeby datt was reeeson for no pun pun wrapped arooond mi anaconda! MAN!


As the proud black men we are......

We think this is funny!


King Kanye

Kanye West lookin FRESH TO DEATH at the New York Fashion Week!!