Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Boss of the Byss !

I wanna make a tribute to the worlds greatest TV-Chef ! Fuck Tina, Fuck the-licens-to-grill-dude and FUCK Martha. Per Morberg is the greatest of them all. Riche, Cafe Opera and Hamlet Bannmister Wharf Newport Rhode Island USA is a couple of spots he used to work at before he took his acting to a higher level.
We @ JFK wanna se this man kill a animal in the woods drag it in to his 17-room house in the archipelago of Trosa, peel the skin of that bitch and cook it in his dream-kitchen everyday.....He onced said that that he ”knullar maten”....thats swedish for Fucking the food....Please TV4....make an episode everyday for the rest of our life. Watch this genius cook here :

Per Morberg we Salute YOU !


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Hejvan said...

Husgud i hemmet Karlström!