Thursday, August 21, 2008


As i was enjoying the shit out of my Pollo Alfredo on my lunchbreak i thought of a phenomenon known in swedish as "Gladporr".

Gladporr is a pornographic genre were gentle eroticism meets humour in a delicious combination very popular in the 1970's. I guess you can call it the opposite of hardcore porn. The most notorious moviesof the 70's were Danish, the so called "Signs" movies. They were directed by the late Ole Söltoft who not only wrote them but also got his penis dirty. 
We swedes made a few of our own. Kyrkoherden (the vicar) being one of them. Starring Jarl Borssén and the swedish track and field star Ricky Bruch.



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Davva Pitt said...

Fraaaaaaauunch und oouuzz!!!