Sunday, August 31, 2008

If you stare at them, you'll feel better about yourself

I don't watch television that often. Nowadays there's not much that entertains me. I got so pissed of the other day when i woke up with a hangover the size of Madagascar and actually wanted to watch some tv for the first time in decades.
But i came to realize that that they only make shows about fat people and dogs. Swedish channel 5 had a show on a fat chick trying to become a cop and go through all the physical tests. For your information she failed, bigtime! 
On channel 4 there was a show about a bunch of fat people, men and woman, trying to loose more weight than another bunch of fat people. Is the Average Joe really that interested in watching shows on fat people everyday? Cause i'm not! I mean who watch that kind of crap? Except for other fat people who are to lazy to tie their own shoes thinking "Good for her". Or is the viewers petite and only watching it for a good laugh or in fact to cure their own lack of self esteem?
Another tv-trend is shows about dogs and their stupid masters that don't know how to take care of them. Depressed dogs, spoiled dogs and just plain dumb dogs. Haven't we seen this before? I think dog-shows are the new "spoiled-kids-behaving-bad-shows". Let fat people be fat and don't let people that are incapable of taking care of themselfs the responsibility to raise a dog or a kid for that matter.


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