Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mad men

It's friday afternoon at a marketing department in downtown Stockholm. A group of men have locked themselves in a conference room with one mission. To retake the latest slope in popularity MQ has suffered with the young and trendy i Sweden. 

They all agree MQ need a new spokesperson, a new face. 

-It has to be someone with an impeccable sense of style, someone says. 

-He has to be a role-model for people aged 15-25, says another. 

-Maybe it should be a singer, who is the hottest name in the music industry today? a third man asks. 

Suddenly one of the men rises up from his chair and screams out, call Brolle!!! And everyone starts applauding in unison, their work was done. 

And such a successful campaign it was. 


1 comment:

e said...

HAHA ... skönt med lite ironi va du nog först med...