Monday, September 15, 2008

Between life and death

According to greek mythology Styx is an underground river that works like a border between the current life and the kingdom of death.
It tells a story about Charon. The ferryman who transported the dead over the river Styx to finally deliver them to Hades. What you would do is that you would place a coin (an Obol) under the dead mans tounge which later would be used as payment. Without a coin you would have to spend an eternity between life and death. Neither living nor dead. But some (both Romans and Greeks) reject this theory like Dante for example. You know the Italian writer who describes his journey through hell and the purgatory in La Divina Commedia or The Divine Comedy. They are simply suggesting that Charon didn't bring the dead across the river Styx but over the river Acheron instead. Like other rivers Styx had a goddess or a nymph if you will named after it. She was married to the titan Pallas and together they had a dotter, the goddess of victory Nike.

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