Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sweetest taboo

On the contrary to what my dear friend wrote I would say that being drunk is not taboo. I would rather argue that people sometimes tend to get jealous when others have more fun than them and therefore makes condescending remarks about them, someone you might label as a “hater”, and nobody captures the essence of haters better than Mr. Katt Williams. “They don’t hate you, they hate good shit, they used to want good shit than good shit didn’t happen to them”. 

But enough about that, taboos is what really got me puzzled, or rather the fact that are almost no taboos left in our society. And I think that’s a pity, part of the fun of getting shit-faced on a funeral, making jokes about Josef Fritzl or just peeing in public is the taboo of doing so. And as more and more taboos disappears things tend to get less and less funny. Stand up comedians has to go to absurd lengths to find new taboos to rant about, joking about dick sucking just doesn’t do the trick anymore. So please, try to preserve some of our precious taboos.


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