Friday, October 10, 2008


Long time no see. I haven't been quite as active as I once were.
Just thought I'd share something I read this morning. You know how everybody suddenly is so well-read about everything. Blame wikipedia for your smart ass friend that annoys the shit out of you. Apparently a pediatrician at Karolinska in Stockholm felt unsecure about a procedure he was about to perform. So he went online and catched up on some reading before trying to widen a 5 year old boy's foreskin.
- My son screamed in agony through the whole process, said his father.
His father reported the incident to HSAN, the Helth and Nursing Responsibility Committee (weird translated).
Swallow your stupid pride and ask for help!

Stay dumb.



e said...

PENI !!!!

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Google är google. Behöver inte ta åt sig.