Thursday, November 6, 2008

50 years in the service of the public

If you have been broadcasting television for 50 years one might think you have learned a thing or two, this however is not the case for Sveriges Television. The only thing watchable is shows or documentaries produced abroad. Their broadcast during the presidential election looked likea theme party at a fraternity. But todays broadcast during the hockey game intermission might be the worst thing I have ever seen. Looks like the lookeroom at a high school for children with special needs. Where the children tries to understand what the teacher is saying without getting distracted by the body hair on the girl next to them. No lights, no script and hosts who doesn't even seem to understand that it might not be interesting for the audience to watch them joke around like they do in the green room. Get you act together, and try not to take a other 50 years. 

Just seconds after I published this the sound went mute, then they cut to the studio where you could hear people shouting at eachother, nice save guys. 


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