Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cry myself a river build a bridge and get over it .......

Well let me do this, just once and then I’m done. I have to write about it I have to vent it. This fucking thing we call love, I don’t want to be bitter and say “Fuck love” or anything because I believe in love and I live on love, I create on love. That’s why since I lost my love I have not produced a single thing. Not one picture, not one painting not even a little text or verse. I'm trying everyday to create and everyday I fail......But I’m starting to feel it bubbling inside me and I feel that there is things I have to create.
But my heart is broken, so I have to learn a new way to create. Allot of people create more when they are unhappy, bitter or heartbroken.....I don’t. I create on love and on happiness.....on the power that my lovely girl gave me.
But now I don’t have any love BUT I haven’t transformed into a bitter Swedish version of Hank Moody…. I’m not drowning in a sea of pointless pussy. Trust me on that one.
I started to get a lot of work again after the summer-coma, I’m trying to create pictures that I already created back in the spring in my head or from my blackbook. That’s always something…….is it not ?

I’m trying to get back, I’m trying hard. I need love but I don’t want new love.
But like a wise man once said (the Moodiest of the Moodys) :
“Life is to short to dance with fat chicks”
How the fuck am I going to get out of this one? Any ideas?


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Anonymous said...

do not search for new love, try to see the love you already have. the people around you, people you do not see often but who has been there for a long time and always will be there in some way. if you just knew, I see you and I see inspiration. I don't think you have ever guessed what role you have played, and I have never told you either.. will always admire you for being you, and I will always care, and I will always wish the best for you. love