Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The modern pedophelia of our time.

There is a group of people i really despise. It's the younger middle aged guy in his opinion best years who owns his own and first business. He have probably inheritaded it from his father or started with a friend. It is most likely a café or a shop of some kind. That makes him a local celebrity. And what he does is that he hires young, cute girls who in fact suck at the job they were hired to do but are kind of nice to look at. The girls on the other hand are young, insecure and actually believing that they were hired based on there personality and awesome ability to make a macchiato with soy milk. I hate to burst your bubble but that's a fucking lie. But who can blame them? He invites them to all kinds of staff parties and other funny activities. And it's fun, it's probably their first job so they feel well taken care of and he's "so kind". But he all he actually does is mentally masturbating of a to me fictitious moment were he after closing time fucks the living shit out of them.


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