Wednesday, September 10, 2008

He is out to get you all!

Due to my lack of inspiration and the fact that my self critisim has tortured me into feeling like a fat 14 year old girl with suicide thoughts. But instead of writing you something or killing myself I would like to share theese songs that might bring some joy to your otherwise meaningless lifes.

Cut Copy - Lights And Music (Moulinex Remix) (
The Cars - You Might Think
Joy Division - Transmission



Stephen said...

Hey there!
This is Stephen of
I just wanted to mentioned that I'd appreciate it if you'd either link to UhOhDisco next to the Moulinex track or remove the track altogether, because as it stands, a bunch of people who've never even been to my site are using up my bandwidth. Sorry if this is any kind of an inconvenience.

Be well :)

C said...

oops, sorry man.
there, fixed it.